Click HERE to download The Humanity of the Pre-Birth Child in the Bible 12-page booklet.

HOW TO put booklet together:

1.  Print Page 1 of PDF (pages 12 &1 of booklet) back-to-back with Page 2 of PDF (pages 2 & 11 of booklet).

2.  Print Page 3 of PDF (pages 10 & 3 of booklet) back-to-back with Page 4 of PDF (pages 4 & 9 of booklet).

3.  Print Page 5 of PDF (pages 8 & 5 of booklet) back-to-back with Page 6 of PDF (pages 6 & 7 of booklet).

     (This sounds more complicated than it really is.  If your printer is like mine, I just select "2 sided", how many copies I want, and which pages to print (1 thru 6), then click "print" and the printer automatically puts all the pages in order the way they should go.)

4.  After printing, you will have 3 sheets of paper printed front and back.  Make sure they are in page order, fold in half, and staple on fold with a long-reach stapler.
(note:  you can pick up a long reach stapler at WalMart for $10 - $12)

5.  Print and cut out last page of PDF, which is the page 8 pocket.  Tape this pocket on bottom half of page 8 of booklet, under the photo of the child sucking his thumb.  (tip:  use clear packing tape)

6.  Order brochures from Heritage House '76 (  fold & insert Abortion: The Hidden Holocaust (item # 927HH) into the pocket on page 8, taping pocket shut with small piece of scotch tape so it won't fall out;
and tape 8 Weeks Developing Baby (item # HP-9940DB) along fold between pages 8 and 9.

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