What can I do to help?   STICK - SNAP - POST !

Meira Geyser started a petition on calling on Home Depot to stop selling glue traps, but after collecting over 60,000 signatures,  Home Depot remains unimpressed:

HOME DEPOT is not the only retailer that sells these horrible tools of torture --- WAL-MART, INGLES, AND LOWE'S also sell them.  

I have put a packet of post-it notes and a pen in my purse and I plan to STICK a post-it note on the shelf beside these horrible things, SNAP a photo of it, and POST it here on my website ---- every time I find myself shopping in one of these stores.  I also plan to publish these post-it note photos on my YouTube channel and my Rumble channel.  

What about you?

Here is my first one:

ALSO I've made some typewritten notes to print out and tape onto glue trap shelves in stores.  

The sheet of typewritten notes can be downloaded HERE.

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