I have three different projects for children on the back burner right now:


These are a set of letters to children from a little white cat named Pussy Willow, which my mother wrote and illustrated years ago.  There are 24 or 25 letters in the set, each with an accompanying coloring sheet.
My mother sold subscriptions by mail order to parents and grandparents and ran copies and mailed the letters out herself biweekly or monthly to children.
I occasionally mail the letters to relatives or neighbors' children, but I really don't want the hassle of selling subscriptions and handling large mailings myself.
So I definitely want to do something with these --- they are very well done, I think, and children enjoy them --- but am not sure exactly what.  I guess I need to think about it awhile.


This is a multi-sensory phonics program I am putting together, based on the Spalding Method.  As a former primary grades teacher I have a strong interest in helping children learn to read.

I am about half way done with this.  One of these days ...


These are Bible-based character-building lessons for children which I am working on with my niece-in-law.  She is writing the lessons and I am doing the illustrating.

So far we have completed lessons on Obedience, Telling the Truth, and Not Complaining, and are in the middle of a lesson on Tattling.  Both Melody and I are former teachers and I believe we will have something worthwhile when we finish this project, but it is taking a long time as we both have plenty of other things going on to distract us!

Stay tuned for progress reports  :)

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